Finalists at South Summit Madrid 2023

We had the opportunity to showcase our solutions as proud finalists
South summit

Celebrating Recognition as Finalists

Participating in the prestigious South Summit Madrid 2023 was an exceptional experience for EarthPulse, a leading technology company dedicated to addressing climate change challenges. As proud finalists among a pool of innovative startups, we had the privilege of showcasing our climate change solution at this renowned entrepreneurship event. While we didn't claim the top prize, the honor of being among the finalists reinforced our commitment to unlock the value of Earth Observation data.

The South Summit Experience:

South Summit Madrid 2023 stands as a significant European event for startups, offering a platform for visibility and connections. We were thrilled to be selected as finalists after a meticulous review process that ensured the presence of the most promising ventures. The opportunity to network and collaborate with other passionate entrepreneurs enriched our experience and opened doors to potential collaborations.

South summit ambiance

Congratulations to the Winner:

We extend our sincere congratulations to Uelz, the deserving winner of South Summit Madrid 2023. Their innovative approach in helping businesses save technical implementation and maintenance costs for payment platforms is commendable. We admire their achievements and look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will make in their industry.

Reflecting on the Event:

South Summit Madrid 2023 has a remarkable history of launching startups and fostering an ecosystem of innovation. Our participation in this event has been a milestone for EarthPulse, and we are humbled by the opportunities it provided. The vibrant atmosphere, exchange of ideas, and connections made have energized us and reinforced our dedication to addressing climate change through technological solutions. Our experience at South Summit has invigorated us and strengthened our resolve to create a sustainable future.

Participating in the South Summit Startup Competition provided us with invaluable mentorship and guidance from industry experts. Their insights and expertise helps us refine our strategies, improve our pitches, and strengthen our overall approach. We are grateful for the opportunities, connections, and knowledge gained during this remarkable event.

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