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Physical and Transitional risks = Financial risks.

  • Physical risks

    icon_Physical risks


    Heat stress

    Extreme weather events.

  • Transitional risks

    icon_Transitional risks

    Green economy

    Social crisis

    Sanitary crisis.

  • Financial risks

    icon_Financial risks

    Production/Operation disruption

    Physical damage to assets

     Changes in demand for product/services.

Vulnerability Pulse

Know your weaknesses to become stronger.

The Vulnerability Pulse is an aggregated indicator to assess the changing threats to which your assets, infrastructure or community may be exposed.

Monitor vulnerabilities, prioritize your actions and increase the efficiency of your operations.


Identify your critical points. Identify which are the most vulnerable assets without going onsite.


Evaluate the situation before and after maintenance actions to rate their effectiveness.

This objective information on the vulnerability assessment is key for cost-effective asset management, to prioritize maintenance actions and monitor results.

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