River hotspots are urban and economic threats

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Riverbed conservation in Catalonia

Rivers have hotpots: places where the river can overflow easily. If those hotspots are close to urban areas, essential crops or economic activities, its management becomes a social and financial risk.

The maintenance and conservation of the riverbed includes actions that are carried out to promote water circulation and prevent or reduce flood problems when a weather event occurs. Riverbed vegetation can hinder the passage of water and therefore the need for the maintenance program.


Where should we prioritize maintenance? Which is the current situation compared to last year? If the river overflows, where will be the greatest impact?

Riverbed increase example A non-well maintained riverbed can increase flood impacts in the area

By monitoring the riverbed throughout the year, we can prioritize maintenance actions, optimizing resources and protecting the most vulnerable areas, and determining which areas should be evaluated first.

What gets known, gets managed.

Riverbed vegetation mapping

Our segmentation algorithm allows us to identify the areas where vegetation invades the stable riverbed. Using medium resolution images and high-resolution images, the river hotspots are located.

Identification of vulnerable areas within the riverbed by using MR data

MR EO MR EO image
Water/Vegetation discrimination Water/Vegetation discrimination

Identification of vulnerable areas within the riverbed by using HR data

Riverbed vegetation Segmentation Riverbed vegetation Segmentation

Surrounding asset mapping

Once the hotspots are detected, the area around those critical points is studied and classified to get to know the potential impact.

Affected roads

Affected roads

Key figures

Smart inspection

Our cost-effective method schedules inspections based on detected vulnerabilities & conditions-based comparison.

Save up to 50%

An oriented inspection can save between 30%-50% of related costs.

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