Physical and Transitional risks = Financial risks.

  • Physical risks

    physical risks
    Flooding/Drought Heat stress Extreme weather events.
  • Transitional risks

    transitional risks
    Green economy Social crisis Sanitary crisis.
  • Financial risks

    financial risks
    Production/Operation disruption Physical damage to assets Changes in demand for product/services.
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Impact Pulse

What gets measured, gets managed.

The Impact Pulse is an aggregated indicator to assess the economic, social and environmental effects of extreme weather events. Quantifying the damage by:



Know where the highest effects have been produced.



Discover the infrastructure and public services that have been most affected (roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, etc.).



Estimate the social and economic impact by quantifying the affected crops or displaced an affected people.



Follow up how the initial scenario is recovered in the time following the event.

This objective information on damage assessment is key to prioritize relief and recovery actions in terms of investment and resources as well as support operations for disaster risk analysis.