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Snow Storm affection to transport infrastructures in Spain

The Impact Pulse was generated to assess the damage caused to the road infrastructure in the Community of Madrid, Spain, after the storm Filomena in January 2021, as well as to assess the evolution in the following weeks.

Important road with snow

This information is not only crucial for infrastructure managers to identify which are the most affected areas and optimize resources.

In addition, at that particular time, roads were a key element, not only for individuals to transport normally, but also to expedite the supply of essential goods such as food or even the COVID vaccine.

Most of the news focused on Madrid city, but was it really the city where there was the greatest impact?

Who was most affected? Who responded the fastest? How long did it take?

Snow blower

Snow extent mapping

The snow extent was evaluated by processing different satellite images before, during and after Filomena.

Snow evolution Storm evolution between January 6th and February 5th 2021

Road mapping

The road infrastructure data was gathered from Open Data sources.

Madrid's map

Analysis, Impact quantification & evolution

The determination of the impact by snow was carried out by means of a change control with respect to a baseline, assuming that the affected roads will contain a spectral response different from the spectral response of the pavement.

This way we map which roads were affected by snow, on which dates and to which municipality they correspond.

Who was more affected?

Snow impact map Snow Impact Max. Road surface covered

Doing an analysis, on different dates, in addition to the impact of the storm, you can also see the snow removal work that was done the following days on the road infrastructure.

We generate indicators as the quick response (decrease of road covered with snow between the first two recorded dates) and the required cleaning time (days needed to clear 90% of the roads).

Who was faster?

Response map Quick response

How long did it take?

Road cleaning time Road cleaning time

Key figures


During Filomena, snow hindered vehicles in more than 400 roads near Madrid.


Depending on the area, some roads required more than 9 days to be fully cleaned.

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